3room apartment city of Sofia , Hr.Botev Blvd.

House, city of Sofia, quarter Kambani in closed community

Sunny Beach resort 1st line

3room apartment Sofia city residential district Simeonovo(centre)

Real Estates Valuation
About the process of valuation:
The main methods for valuation are as follows:
1. Investment method method, which is based on the definition of a fair market price, on the basis of the investment and the expected future incomes from the concrete property. It is used often for property appropriate or bought for investment. This method is used mainly for stores and other commercial estates, but also could give an idea about an apartment when the market of leases is enough developed.
2. Method of the expenses /of the value/ - it is based on how much expenses should be made, in order to receive the building permit /or to buy the regulated property/ and the building to be reconstructed in the same type. On the basis of those expenses, the area of the concrete building and the depreciation is given the valuation of the fair market price.
3. Comparative /market/ method it is based on the comparison of the concrete property with similar ones on the real estates market, also with ones, that are already a part of concluded deals. When the properties for comparison are appropriate chosen, this method ensures pretty good accuracy when defining the fair market price.
In some occasional specific cases are used other methods per example: residual, method of the profit, method of the discount monetary flows.
About the valuation:
- The valuations are made by a licensed appraisers (holding a permit issued by the Agency for Privatization), also by an independent appraisers with a certificate issued by the Higher Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering.
- The term for the preparation of one report is usually one week and it starts when the appraiser make the view of the property and receive all the necessary documents.
- The valuation is based on minimum two methods /most often three/, as for a fair market price is accepted the value, received according the different methods.